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Conflict Resolution

The conflict committee has been established to act as a mediator when all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted. 

If you are experiencing a situation that you believe is negatively impacting your daughter or others, the conflict resolution committee will meet with you and then the relevant parties to work toward a solution that is in everyone’s best interests. 

Before this option is required, please follow the 24 hour rule – a situation or incident that occurs during the game and or practice that has provoked an adverse emotional response or a hostile situation the parent should wait at least 24 hours after the fact before addressing it. Please contact the head coach at that time.

If you feel there is no resolution please send an email in confidence, to to start the communication on this matter that needs to be addressed.

We have a team of non-player parents on a committee that will review any required conflict resolution. This can consist of but not limited to

  • Player to player conflict
  • Player to coach
  • Coach to player
  • Coach to parent
  • Coach to coach

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