Executive Team

Langley Rep Fastpitch Committee 

Trevor Moreno  President
Jeff Clegg  Vice President, Asst. Tournament Director
Erin Heutink  VP Rep – NL Softball board
Sabrina Clegg  VP Rep – LFA board, Website, Communications, & Social Media Coordinator
Debbie Naylor & Sharon Dickens  Secretary
Kathy Weston Team Manager Liason & Policy Coordinator
Brenda Coulbourn  Practice Facilities Coordinator and Conflict Committee
Rhonda Johnston  Member at Large
Erika Hiebert & Rachel Charron Game Schedulers
Debbie Naylor  Apparel Coordinator
Ed Klammer  Coaching Director
Albert Brissette  Tournament Director
Paul Muirhead  Umpire in Chief
Stefanie Eastcott  Volunteer Coordinator – LFA
Sharon Dickens   Volunteer Coordinator – NL
Our committee is supported by both the LFA and NL Softball boards. Any areas that are not addressed above are managed by the respective Association volunteers.

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